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    Concrete is really important to us in Rockport, Texas! The basis of any structure is concrete. When looking for a Commercial Concrete Contractor, you should opt for someone who is dependable and trustworthy. You can rely on Victoria Concrete Pros to complete the job correctly. When it comes to commercial concrete and commercial masonry, our team of skilled Concrete Contractors is dedicated to perfection.


    We take pleasure in effective communication, maintaining a clean work environment, and completing jobs quickly and properly. We place a high priority on maintaining the structural integrity of our Rockport businesses. We take pride in being Victoria's top concrete contractor, especially when it comes to commercial concrete and masonry work. When we do a fantastic job on our Rockport businesses, we believe we are investing in Texas Community.


    Asphalt paving, concrete paving, facility maintenance, land clearing, grading, site preparation, and demolition are some of our other specialties. Call now for a FREE Quote and to get the process started on all of your Rockport Commercial Concrete & Masonry needs, call 361-738-0748 today.


    Whether it's a driveway, parking lot, or paving many miles of road or highway with concrete or asphalt for a magnificent Rockport business, warehouse, or facility, we take great care in offering the best services for our Rockport clients! We also provide commercial masonry services. For any business, warehouse, or facility in Rockport , TX, we can construct whatever brick or stone wall you require and complete the work correctly.


    It can be difficult to locate a qualified concrete contractor. You want someone you can rely on to arrive on time, communicate well, and complete the task on time. You get all of the above with Victoria Concrete Pros! For every building project in Rockport, TX and the neighboring areas, we use high-quality materials.

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    Victoria Texas Commercial Concrete and Masonry

    What is Commercial Concrete?

    Commercial concrete is concrete that is used to construct, improve, or upgrade any type of business structure, such as a warehouse, facility, industrial building, retail store, or restaurant. We take pleasure in being Rockport, TX's top Commercial Concrete Contractors.


    What is Commercial Concrete Made of?


    We typically use a mix of 10% cement, 20% air/water, 30% sand, and 40% gravel and it's known as the 10-20-30-40 rule. Other elements, such as the type of concrete job, have an impact on the proportions used. In Rockport, TX, we take great pride in our commercial concrete and masonry construction.


    What are the different types of concrete?

    - Plain or ordinary Concrete

    - Reinforced Concrete

    - Prestressed Concrete

    - Precast Concrete

    - High Density Concrete

    - Air Entrained Concrete

    - Lightweight Concrete

    - Normal Strength Concrete


    What is the cost of Commercial Concrete?


    Commercial concrete costs are significantly greater than residential concrete costs due to the larger size of the operation. Compliance standards, materials, extra costs, equipment, and labor all contribute to the cost differential. When it comes to Commercial Concrete and Masonry, we want to be the top concrete business in Rockport, TX.